StemaCustom SC 470 L "DEMO" SOLD!

  • StemaCustom SC 470 L "DEMO" SOLD!
  • StemaCustom SC 470 L "DEMO" SOLD!
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Versions of the StemaCustom are:
StemaCustom S: Standard version with 135/70x13" tires, aluminum wheels and comes in a gray gelcoat. Must still be painted in a color.

StemaCustom L:

Luxury version with aluminum polished bumper, interior lights, 2-pin plug connection in the trailer, white or black color gelcoat (does not need to be painted).

- Spoke rims with white walls tires
- Inner lining
- High gloss black color
- Special rack in front of the drawbar

StemaCustom LX: 

Extra luxury version, like the StemaCustom L, with stainless plate under the lock and rear light, rear light caps and 2x toprail, white or black color gelcoat.

Standard comes the Stema Custom in a gray gelcoat en need to be painted in a color. When you order a Stema Custom-L of -LX, you must alsp specify in which color the trailer needs to be delivered.
Technical data:
  • Size of the trailer       Length  1.40 mtr
                                    Width    0.79 mtr
                                    Height   0.50 mtr

  • Total length:              Length   2.13 mtr
                                    Width    1.00 mtr
                                    Height   0.82 mtr
  • Weight is 82 kg th loadcapacity is 114 kg.
  • 135/70x13" tires
  • Rubber torsion axle suspension
  • Fixed or revolving coupling
  • 4 seperate taillights
Accessories for this trailer are:
  • Spraying in any color
  • Sparewheel
  • Chrome caps above the taillights
  • Cover against stone chips
  • Poished aluminum bumpers
  • Protected plate under the lock
  • Toprail
  • Lining

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