New in our assortment

Schuring Trailers is constant searching for new products. These can be trailers, accessories for trailers or parts.
On this page we would like to inform you of the new products that we sell, or soon be available in our sortment

There is a new version of the CampMaster available; The CampMaster-Air.
This is an embodiment in which the tent is supplied loose. The tent is an inflatable tent from Vango where no poles are used.
The tent is inflated, after which the trailer is placed and folded in the tent. So you still sleeping on the trailer and not on the ground.

More information and price can be found at Tenttrailers CampMaster


Two advertising trailers ar new in our assortment:
  • A trailer specially designed for behind the Smart; The Smartly Smart trailer
  • A trailer which ca be used as a mobile coffee stand; The Coffee Cup
Both trailers are suitable for a car and microcar

For more information on these trailers or when you interested in these trailers, please fill out the contact form below.

New: The Coffee Cup trailer

New: The Smartly Smart trailer