Traffic regulations motorcycle


  • It is allowed to attach a trailer to a motor.

Traffic jam

  • Motorcyclists should carefully passing stationary cars in a traffic jam. Driving on the emrgency, is thereby prohibited.


  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory.


  • It is prohibited to transport more than one passenger.
  • It is forbidden to transport children under 12 years on the back of the motor.


  • Dipped beam or daytime running lights (including LED) during daytime is mandatory.


  • On all motorways in Austria for vehicles up to 3500 kg a toll sticker required. Exception is some Sondermautstrecken which no vignette is mandatory, but must be separately toll
  • For a trailer is no separate vignette required.

Maximum speed

  • Maximum speed for motor with trailer;
    In urban areas; 50 km / h
    Outside built-up areas; 100 km / h
    highways; 100 km / h 


  • It is forbidden to ride a bike with a backpack on the chest.

Traffic regulations moped

A moped in Austria called a "Motor Fahrrad. There is no separate definition of a light moped, it falls under the mopeds.
A moped must not drive faster than 45 km / h.


  • It is allowed to attach a trailer to the vehicle.


  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory on mopeds.

Bicycle path

  • It is prohibited to drive with mopeds on bike paths.

Riding side by side

  • Moped riders may not ride side by side


  • The moped must be equipped with footrests and a private seat or passenger seat if you  transporting a passenger
  • Children under 8 years must be transported in an appropriate child seat.


  • Dipped beam during daytime is mandatory


  • You may only park your moped on the sidewalk as long as it is at least 2.5 m wide.