Traffic regulations motorcycle


  • A trailer may be coupled behind a motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle and trailer, as well as ther equipment must conform to the 'techncal rules of mopeds and motorcycles'
  • A motorcycle with sidecar may since 2011, driving with a trailer. This is only permitted if the sidecar wheel is equipped with a brake.

Safety equipment

  • It is mandatory to perform a motorcycle anyway one safety vest, whether you are with bad luck or not. Penalty for violations € 50,00.

Traffic jam

  • Motorcyclists must drive in a traffic jam between the lanes with slow-moving or stationary vehicles. They may not drive faster than 50 km/h and they are allowed a maximum of 20 km/h faster than the vehicles they overtake.
  • Motorcyclists are allowed on motorways only between the vehicles on the two leftmost lanes driving.


  • It is permitted to carry a passenger on a motorcycle, upon presentation of a special seat and footrests are present.
  • Children from 3 to 7 years must be transported on a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of 125 cm3 in an approved seat
  • On a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity exceeding 125 cm3 children under 8 years may not be transported
  • Children from 3 to 7 years may be transported in a suitable for them and approved child seat in the sidecar of a motor with a cylinder capacity exceeding 125 cm3.
  • Children under 3 years of age may not be transported on a motorcycle


  • the dipped beam and red taillight must always, therefore lit in the daylight


  • Driver and passengers of motorcycles have gloves, a jacket with long sleeves and wear long pants or overalls, and boots that protected the ankles.

In group riding

  • When motors driving in a group (minimun 2 persons) on a road with lanes, they may in the same lane in two paralle rows drive in zigzag formation, with adequate safety distance between them.
  • When the track is not divided into lanes, the should not exceed half of the roadway.


  • Motorcycles may be parked on the sidewalk and in urban areas also raised berms, provided there is at least 1.50 m of free space left an they will not hinder.
  • When at a parking meter several motors are parked in the same parking space for a car, they have to pay only once.
  • At the rectangular blue sign 'Parking' with the image in white of a car, motorcycles can parked too.

Maximum speed

  • Maximum speed for motorcycles with trailer;
    in urban areas; 50 km/h
    outside urban areas; 90 km/h
    roads with separated lanes and 4 lanes / highways; 120 km/h
    motorways; 120 km/h

Traffic regulations moped


Bicycle path

  • When a bicycle path is present, mopeds use this.
  • On roads with a speed limit to 50 km/h mopeds may driving on the bicycle path or on the road.
  • Moped must on roads faster then 50 km/h can be driven using the bicycle path if present.


  • For both scooters and moped is wearing a helmet required.


  • At scooter and  moped a maximum of one passenger carried on a seat for this purpose (duo or dual seat) provided that the driver is 18 years or older.


  • Mopeds must also carry dipped beam during the day

Riding side by side

  • It is for mopeds forbidden to ride side by side