Traffic regulations motorcycle 


  • It is allowed to attach a trailer to a motor. The maximum width for trailers of motorcycles is 1 mtr.

Traffic jam 

  • Motorcyclists may not be in a traffic jam between the stationary or slow-moving cars through slaloming


  • Transporting a passenger is permitted, provided there is a special seat (duo or dual seat) and footrests are present.


  • A motorcycle should not be towed


  • Feeding dipped beam or daytime running lights (including LED) during the day is required

maximum speed

  • Maximum speed of motor with trailer
    inside urban areas 50 km / h
    outside urban areas 60 km / h
    roads with separated lanes and 4 lanes 60 km / h
    highway 60 km / h

Traffic regulations moped

A light moped a (Leicht) MoFa 'in Germany and a moped called a "Moped" or "Kleinkraftrad. The minimum age for riding a Moped is 16 years and a MoFa 15 years. The maximum speed of a Moped is 45 km / h and a MoFa 25 km / h.


  • A trailer may be attached to a moped

Bicycle path

  • A light moped may in urban areas alone on a bicycle path  when the round blue sign 'Bike Path' features such plates with the image of a light moped. However, they may also ride on the roadway
  • outside urban areas should always used the bike path. When the light moped is driven by the pedals, this is even required
  • Mopeds may only  use  the roadway, unless otherwise indicated


  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory, even for light moped riders


  • The transport of passengers is allowed only if there is a handle and footrests are present and the traffic is not impeded
  • Children under 7 years of age, may be transported only in a child.


  • It is mandatory to  carry dipped beam during the day