Custom trailers

If you have special wishes for a trailer and you can not find it in our extensive product range? Please contact us by filling out the form below. We can give you free advice about the opportunities, both legally and practically

So we have made a trailer behind a scooter for the ANWB. This trailer can transport bicycles. The trailer is used by the ANWB in the Hoge Veluwe in the Netherlands. When a cyclist has a broken bicycle, he can contact the ANWB. A volenteer from the ANWB bring the stranded cyclist, using an electric scooter and the trailer that we have made, a replacement bicycle. So the cyclist can continu cycling. The broken bicycle is brought to the bicycle repair shop in the park. 

This is just one example of a custom trailer that we have made

Some examples of custom trailers we have made:

funeral trailer Bicycle trailer behind motorcycle  Solex transport behind burton
Wine barrel on TMO75 chassis 

Bicycle trailer behind scooter