Would you first try out how it is to drive with a trailer behind the motorcycle or scooter, we offer you the possibility to rent a trailer. Also if you do not wish to buy a trailer, but sitll want to have the convenience of a trailer during your vacation, you can rent a trailer from us. You do need to ensure that the motorcycle or scooter is equipped with a trailer hitch. We can supply and assemble towbars, but these are not rented. You will also need to provide a license plate yourself.

Rent a trailer on a daily, weekend, midweek, week or several weeks. The rental times are as follows:
Day; morning 9.00 am until next morning 9.00 am
Weekend; Friday from 13.00 pm until Monday 9.00 am
Midweek; Monday from 9.00 am until Friday 17.00 pm
Week; Saturday from 14.00 pm until the next Saturday 14.00 pm

In consultation may deviate from these times

You can rent a trailer from € 35,00 per day. A complete overview of the rental prices of various trailers can be found in the rental conditions.

Would you like to book a trailer for rental, please let us know by filling in the application from below. Indicate clearly the trailer you want to rent and what period you want to rent the trailer. We will then see if the trailer is available at your requested period. When the time period is available, we will send you a rental contract and an invoice for the reservatiion fee. When the invoice is paid, the rental period is definitively established for you. You must also fill in your phone number. If the selected date is not available, we will contact you by telephone to offer you an alternative. This may be a different period, but it may also be that we are offering you another trailer.