Traffic rules motorcycle


  • A trailer with a single ashes may be coupled to a motorcycle.
  • The maximum width of a trailer is 1 m and the maximum height is 1.20 m. The maximum length measured from the center of the rear of the towing vehicle is 2.50 m. The load must not protrude more than 50 cm.
  • No passengers may be carried in the trailer.


  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory.


  • It is forbidden to carry more than one passenger on the motor.


  • Dipped beams or daytime running lights during the day is not mandatory, but is recommended.
  • In tunnels is conducting dipped beam mandatory.

Maximum speed

  • Maximum motorcycle with trailer
    In urban areas; 50 km / h.
    Outside built-up areas; 60 km / h
    expressways; 60 km / h
    motorways; 60 km / h
  • Maximum motorcycle without trailer
    In urban areas; 50 km / h.
    Outside built-up areas; 80 km / h.
    expressways; 100 km / h.
    motorways; 120 km / h.

Toll sticker

  • The toll sticker is compulsory for cars and motorcycles and trailers, each with a total weight up to 3500 kg
  • A trailer behind the motorcycle is exempt from toll sticker
  • The vignette is valid an calendar year, including December preceding it. And January afterward
  • The sticker must be visible, for example in the tank, on the tank or on the windshield
  • The vignette is for sale on the Swiss border and at post offices and petrol stations in Switzerland
  • Tolls levied in the Gran San Bernardo tunnel.


  • If a queue of vehicles, must wait for example, a traffic light or bridge, a motorcyclist must remain in the row in place.

Traffic rules moped

In Switzerland A moped called Kleinmotorrad and a light moped called Motorfahrrad.
Kleinmotorrad must not drive faster than 45 km / h, for this the traffic rules apply for motorcycles.
A Motorfahrrad must not faster than 30 km / h, for this the traffic rules apply for bicycles.


  • It is permissible to attach a trailer with one axle to a moped or moped.
  • The trailer may 1 m long (including loading) are 1.20 m high.
  • The length including trailer may be 2.50 m, measured from the rear wheel hub.
  • The load may 0:50 m backwards. Protrude
  • The total weight with load should not exceed 80 kg. Amounts

Bicycle path

  • Cyclists and light moped riders must use bike or bicycle lane.
  • Moped riders must use the roadway.


  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory


  • Persons older than 16 years can carry a child, if it is in a child seat and the legs are sufficiently protected.


  • Dipped beam during daytime is not mandatory, but is recommended.