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Versions of the TM150 are:
TM150 B-VA:  Budget version with open trailer, fixed ball coupling, fixed axle, 400x8" wheels. Only suitable for scooters, max speed is 40 km/h
TM150 S-VA: Standard version, with open trailer, revolving coupling, fixed axle, 400x8" wheels, plastic mudguards and support leg. Only suitable for scooters, max speed is 40 km/h.
TM150 B:   Budget version, similar to the B-VA, but with rubber torsion axle.
TM150 S:  Standard version, similar to the S-VA, but with rubber torsion axle
TM150 L: Luxury version, with revolving ball coupling, support leg, tarpaulin, 16,5x650x8" wheels, wide polyester mudguards

The trailer is suitable for motorcycle and scooter. The trailer for the scooter is equipped with a fixed axle and has a maximum speed of 40 km/h
Technical data:
  • Material of the trailer is meranti wood
  • Size is 1.00 x 0.50 x 0.34 m
  • Total length is 1.55 m and the track width is 0.75 m
  • 400x8" tires
  • Weight is 60 kg and a load capacity of 75 kg
  • The axle is a lingering rubber torsion suspension
  • Lighting according to DIN standard
  • Available with fixed or revolving coupling
It is also possible to extend the TM150 with additional accessories, such as:
  • Polyster cover
  • Spare tire 400x8"
  • Imperial (only possible on polyester cover)
  • wide tires
  • wheel trims
  • 3rd brake light on polyester cover
Do you have specific needs that are not mentioned here? Ask for a free offer. Specifies your wishes an we will look at what might possible and what the cost are.

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